As you, probably, know, our company has developed a new individual product line of germicidal air recirculators – AEREKS TRANS AVIA. These devices are 12-24V powered and have vibration-resistant case. It can be used inside all types of vehicles, such as cars, public transport, trains, ships and airplanes.
All electric equipment, used in vehicles or different types, requires specific tests – viz. compatibility with other electronics – Homologation ECE R10.
All devices of TRANS AVÍA product line have passed all the necessary tests in European laboratory.
UN ECE R10 regulates the implementation of global trade agreements around Europe, electromagnetic compatibility, which applies to vehicles of L, M, NO, T. , R and S categories. It demands the manufacturers to obtain the ECE R10 Certificate for all vehicles, electronic joints, components and separate technical units. ECE R10 requests immunity to radiated and conducted disturbances, directly referred to the operating the vehicle, driver’s, passengers’ and other road users safety. It also applies to violations that could confuse the driver or other road users related to the functionality of the vehicle. ECE R10 regulates requirements, concerning control or unwanted radiated and conducted emissions to protect intended use of electrical or electronic equipment from nearby or adjacent vehicles, as well as control interference from accessories that can be installed on the vehicle.
It’s our pleasure to inform that AEREKS TRANS AVIA recirculators have successfully passed all the tests and obtained HOMOLOGATION CERTIFICATE and approval according to the ECE R10 requirements.
AEREKS LLC devices are not only effective and useful, but also completely safe for humans and compatible with all vehicles.
ARREKS – your bactericidal safety!