Irradiator vs recirculator – what’s the difference?

UV-C irradiation is well-known remedy for air and surface disinfection.

You have probably heard of air recirculation multiple times! But have you ever heard that the special device – if used and installed properly – can disinfect the full volume of the indoor air within 30 min? Sounds amazing, right? What if we told you that the disinfection can be also done in the presence of people? That is exactly what our recirculators are designed for!

Recirculators disinfect the indoor air and efficiently destroy pathogens by providing a powerful dose of 254nm UV-C lights combined with passing air to a highly reflective irradiation chamber for essential exposure time before releasing it back into the room.

Its ozone free and safe to use even in occupied spaces!

Irradiators, as compared with recirculators, are suitable for surface disinfection, yet must not be operated in the presence of people, as the exposure to direct UV light can cause serious damage to people’s and animals’ health.

This simple, but efficient solution will protect your customers, guests, patients, students, and employees from most common airborne diseases, such as COVID19, flu, measles, TB, etc., which can significantly compromise the health of people, especially those with weakened immunity.

The design of our recirculators is ergonomic and concise, which allows to use them in small premises, such as cafes and restaurants, hairdressers, gyms, educational establishments, care facilities and even large living spaces. These air disinfection devises are effective solution against disease-causing agents, including SARS-COV2.