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AEREKS OBN-75m plus

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AEREKS OBN-75m plus

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Optimal solution for disinfection of the premises of average volume is wall-mounted UV-C disinfection irradiator AEREKS OBN-75m plus. It is equipped with one open 30W UV lamp that allows fast and effective destruction of virus bacteria in the air and on open surfaces of the premises. Ultraviolet radiation of the irradiator is an indispensable means of disinfecting dental offices, child care facilities, residences, food processing facilities, offices, etc. The irradiator is mounted horizontally on the wall or ceiling. Also, the irradiator has an inbuilt movement sensor, which switches off the irradiator when there is any movement in the room. This function makes the irradiator more user-friendly and safer. Optionally, the irradiator can be equipped with a protective screen, which allows people and animals to stay in the room during the disinfection.
Supplied with: 30W lamp, metal body.
Overall dimensions: 930*60*60 mm.

Additional information
AEREKS OBN-75m plus
  • Installation method

    wall- and ceiling-mounted

  • A type

    Germicidal irradiator

  • Scope of use

    HoReCa, medical institutions, offices, care homes, market areas, domestic use

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  • Length mm


  • Width, mm


  • Body material