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AEREKS OBN-3*35 plus

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AEREKS OBN-3*35 plus

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AEREKS UV-C disinfection irradiator OBN-3*35nd with protective shutters and servo drive is excellent solution for disinfection of different premises. In comparison with similar models, it has a wide field of action. Thanks to its unique design, the bactericidal flow is distributed evenly in different directions.
Recommended for use in areas where there is a risk of airborne infections. Safely and effectively disinfects indoor air in the presence of people by irradiating the air in the upper part of the room with direct rays of ultraviolet light, emitted by three 15W bactericidal lamps, placed in the center of the irradiator. The shutters form a one-directional stream of radiation. Safe to use in the presence of people, animals and plants.
The irradiator is mounted horizontally on the wall.
Recommended for use in hospitals, offices, educational institutions, beauty salons, dental offices, hairdressing salons, etc., up to 40 sq.m. Accessories: 3 15W Lamps, metal body, shutters. Overall dimensions OBN-35m: 1160*325*145 mm.

Additional information
AEREKS OBN-3*35 plus
  • Installation method

    wall- and ceiling-mounted

  • Body material


  • Scope of use

    HoReCa, medical institutions, offices, care homes, market areas, domestic use

  • A type

    Germicidal irradiator

  • Length mm


  • Width, mm


  • Height, mm