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AEREKS OBPRm germicidal irradiator is a mobile system for surface disinfection in public transport: airplanes, passenger trains, buses, etc.
The system has two folding wings, which are designed to disinfect the seats. Each wing contains two 15W lamps and two 30W lamps. Two more 30W lamps are placed on the front and back sides of the feed.

The system emits ultraviolet radiation of 254 nm with a total UV-C intensity of more than 100 W and allows simultaneous disinfection of up to six passenger seats.
Processing time for one row of six seats, no more than 4 seconds, which allows processing 30 rows in two minutes without taking into account folding / unfolding – this increases the efficiency of the device and minimizes downtime.

The OBPRm irradiator is adjustable in height, which allows it to be used in any salon of any class.
For convenient movement of the irradiator, it has a handle, and for the safety of the operator, there is a protective screen, which is equipped with a monitor and video camera. The main difference and advantage is that irradiator can be moved around the salon remotely with the winch, which pulls it.

IMPORTANT! The folded size of the irradiator matches the size of the Airplane Food Cart (305x810x1030), which provides safe and convenient storage on board when needed.

Complete set: Lamp 15W – 4pcs, Lamp 30W – 6pcs, metal frame, power cord, 30 meters long. Overall dimensions in the unfolded state: 2960х810х1825mm
Overall dimensions when folded: 305х810х1030mm

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