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AEREKS LLC is a part of the ZAVET Group of Companies, and has been a leading manufacturer of indoor air and surface disinfection equipment for more than 21 years. We have a numerous national and international awards and are members of international associations, as well as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Our products are currently distributed in medical and non-medical institutions in Europe, Asia, and CIS countries.

Our companies have all the necessary national and international certificates, which proves the high quality of products and services. Also, AEREKS LLC has passed the European certification and received the CE Certificate, and initiated the American certification process. The company is constantly implementing new developments and technologies through its own design bureau. With more than two decades of experience, our company became a leader in the development and manufacturing of equipment with bactericidal irradiation, such as recirculators and irradiators and other devices. These devices are considered to be one of the most effective methods in the control and prevention of contamination spread of the pandemic. Our equipment occupies the first column among customer requests, and is needed in premises of all types and for everyday domestic use.
AEREKS – your bactericidal safety.



AEREKS is a growing company with steady strategy and strong credo.

We have our own Design Bureau, which helps us constantly implement new developments and technologies! We strive for the best quality and services, grow and evolve, to stay on leading positions in the local and worldwide business, becoming an experienced high tech enterprise with strong leadership and clearly defined mission.
In our business we are guided by the principle of the constant improvement – both in our product quality and optimization of the cost for our final consumers, and in our relationship with employees and partners.
We are deeply convinced that our partners and employees should gain profit from and enjoy the process of manufacturing and distribution of our product. Our employees are highly qualified, well trained professionals, who strive for development and promotion. We create friendly environment decent wages for our employees!
AEREKS – your bactericidal safety.